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If you are willing to decorate your drawing room with a nice aquarium, you must at first learn how to take care of fish. While taking care of aquarium fish you are recommended to take in to account several aspects of fish care tips like the fish food, temperature, salinity, ph level of the water, the plants and the rocky decoration introduced in the fish tank and others. You also have to look after the quality of the fish food that would help the aquatic species grow healthily. The following are some fish care tips that might be useful for you to maintain your water tank.

Essential Fish Care Tips

The fish care depends upon the type of fish you are willing to breed, fresh water or salt water.


For the convenience of the pet fish to survive in the water tank, you are recommended to go for water conditioning before filling the tank. Normal water contains chlorine and dissolved gases that can be harmful for many fish species.

The process of conditioning the water comprises of simply allowing the water to stand inside a tank for few days. This would allow the water to exchange gases from the air, the fish parasites would die since they would not be able to find any host, a balance of the bacterial content will be attained and fine organic particle would settle down in the water. You may take aid of your nearby pet stores in order to remove the gases like chorine and chloramines through chemical processing.
Do not worry in case you find the water of the tank becoming cloudy. It is because of the excess bacteria content of the water and within few days you would find that the water of the tank has cleared. Try to go for bacteria fixation culture for the conditioning of the water tank.


The temperature of a fresh water fish should ideally be of the temperature of the waters that lie in between the 74 - 78 degrees E. Aquarium heaters can also be arranged to control the temperature of water.


While giving food make sure of the quantity. It must not be given in large quantities as this would result over feeding of the fish. Sometimes the leftover food inside the aquarium may damage the water as it would get stale. The food items can be fish pellets, frozen or dried brine shrimp and other live foods. You must select the food depending upon the specie of the fish.